Fabio Ragghianti
Fabio Ragghianti – foto Jacopo Grassi www.jacopograssi.com

I was born in the town of Viareggio on the Tuscan coast of Italy in 1952.

Thanks to my father, since childhood I became familiar with working with wood, mixing with the workmen in the shipyards where the sailing boats are made.
My love story with the sound of the guitar began at fourteen years old when I entered luthier Carlo Raspagni’s workshop to order a guiter, it was love at first sight and I knew I wanted to become a luthier. In 1981 the luthiers Leo Biancardi and Paolo Vettori accepted me as their apprentice. At that point I was hooked, so much so that I gave up teaching that at that time was my job thanks to a degree in languages, to follow the profession of luthier but at the same time never giving up that of a part-time guitar player. Then followed years of hard work and learning (Malden School of Musical Instrument Repair in England; Maestro Matter’s Workshop in Portugal), and visits to various famous luthiers such as David Rubio and Daniel Friederich.

Then the awards started to come in: for the best sound in 1993 and again in 1995 at the International Contest of Baveno and in 1998 as Artisan of the Year from the Rotary Club. The conferences: The Convention of the Guild of American Muthiers at Tacoma, WA; The Civic School of Luthiers of Milan and The School of High Guitar Perfection of Cremona. Then again teaching at the School of Professional Formation in Calabria and the Luthiers School International of Sebastopol, California.

In recent years as well as continuing to make traditional guitars I have concentrated on experimentation. One of the results being the MXM model in continual evolution.

The adventure continues…


Versilia, la mia terra
Versilia, la mia terra